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DATA: 2008

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Volume 1 Chapter 21: The Hero and the Demon King Depart on ...

Take Care, My Demon King summary: It's a story about the forbidden love between the domineering demon king and the adorable girl! They traveled across the primitive universe and fell in love with each other in both the previous and this life! It integrates the Western and the Eastern fantasy magic and breaks down the race barrier in another dimension! The unbelievable love adventure of the ...

Machine translated chapter 21 of Great Demon King light novel.

Demon king Vol.21 (마제) est une bd sonyun-Manhwa de KIM Jae Hwan et RA In Soo publié le 23 Janvier 2008 par Tokebi - Dohwa est prise en otage par le chef du Sagok. Ce dernier ordonne aux...