Spyboy. Vol. 5

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AUTORE: Peter David,Pop Mahn


DATA: 2001

NOME DEL FILE: Spyboy. Vol. 5.pdf

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SpyBoy: Spy-School Confidential #1 - Vol. 5 (Issue)

SpyBoy: Spy-School Confidential » SpyBoy: Spy-School Confidential #1 - Vol. 5 released by Dark Horse Comics on December 1, 2002. Summary Short summary describing this issue.

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What IS it about SpyBoy that's so darn cool? The slick costume? The cutting-edge motorcycle? The stylin' goggles? Yes, yes, and yes! But that's not all! He's the only teen that could break into Fort Knox, yet fail his math test. He's "man" enough to take on a gang of thugs armed to teeth without breaking a sweat, yet...