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Justice Akatsuka, alias Seigi, ha un tatuaggio sul palmo della mano... ma non è un tatuaggio qualsiasi: si tratta in realtà di un'arma speciale in grado di deformare le dimensioni spazio-temporali che, tramite la creazione del "vuoto\


AUTORE: Shinjiro


DATA: 2018

NOME DEL FILE: Taboo tattoo. Vol. 12.pdf

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Taboo Tattoo Vol. 1 - Manga Review - AniTAY

Taboo Tattoo has bad ratings, weak BD/DVD sales, as well as a questionable reputation among its fans. The only factor which plays in favor of the possible renewal is the ongoing manga of the same name. But, in spite of this, we doubt that Taboo Tattoo could return for Season 2.

Taboo tattoo. Vol. 13 | Shinjiro | Edizioni BD | 2018

Seigi (meaning "justice") is the main protagonist of the manga and anime Taboo-Tattoo. He got his tattoo from an old man whom he saved from thugs. He has one of the most powerful tattoos: Void Maker. Seigi's personality is a complex one, at times he can be kind and sometimes he can be an angry...